Dreams of Home

The book is in sections: The first section includes some of my early writings as I struggled to become clear on this profound experience I seemed to be enmeshed in. Following that is a collection of editorials I wrote (still struggling, to be sure) for the newsletter of the Toronto TORI Community between 1994 and 1998. The third section includes some e-mail messages I wrote, essays, really, on community. Part 4 is a collection of essays on community that I posted on my Web site from 1997 to 2000. (A couple were begun with the idea of posting them, but not finished, and so did not make it to the Web.)

I didn't write all this as "my book," although a book has been in my list of things to do for years. There's a lot of overlap and redundancy among the pieces because I wrote each one to stand alone, to express where I was and what I was going through at that moment. That process, which took at least ten years, is really what the book is about. I hope you will be patient with my fumbling and repeating myself--those who know me know that's how I speak, as well.

See the Table of Contents.

Selections from the book

Trust and Community The text of a talk I gave to the Northern Hills Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship in 1990. It describes my sensing of "community" from the beginning.
Another Look at T.O.R.I An essay from December, 1998 that points up some changes in my sensing of "community" after twenty-some years.

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