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Lately, I've been getting more interested again in photography, once my primary interest in life. A few years ago I sold and gave away all my antique cameras and 16mm filmmaking equipment, but kept my old Nikon and lenses. With my new capability to manipulate photos in my computer, my old world has re-opened to me. I use both film and digital cameras, and print everything from my computer.

Someone gave me an old version of Photoshop not long ago. I'd been using Paint Shop Pro and a couple of other software programs, but Photoshop seemed to open up a lot more possibilities for me. I purchased Version 6.0 and took a couple of courses in it at the local Community College, and am really turned on! 

I'll add things to this section of my site as they come to me. Right now, there are only a few more pages. Let me know what you think.

Manual Focusing Nikon CP5700 -- it's not as intuitive as it might be; here's some help 1/14/2004
Depth of Field with Nikon CP5700 -- additional information related to manual focusing  3/28/2004

Snapshot Portraits -- some examples of my experimentation with ordinary snapshots 1/4/2003

Getting the Redeye Out -- a tip for Photoshop (may work in other software, too) 5/17/2002

Nana's Ninetieth -- a photo I didn't even take, but it deserves an audience anyway. 6/13/2002

Gallery -- A variety of photographs I have taken that I like a lot. 5/7/2005

Some Black and White Photos -- (From out of the past). 8/18/2002

Essays -- I'm actually more writer than photographer. These are about what I think and feel on the subject of photography. 9/7/2002

Technical Subjects -- Curiosity sometimes overcomes my passion. This is about curiosity, as much as anything. But there might be something you've thought about, too. 1/27/2003