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As in the rest of this Web site, the hyperlink buttons at the top of the window represent pages on the same level as the present one. The list that follows is of pages that fall under this subject.

This section includes stories and essays that are about me and my family and other personal relationships. Not that all the other pieces on this Web site aren't—it's just that these are less concerned with ideas. The most recent ones (for the most part) are at the top of the list.

I'm sincerely interested in your reactions to anything I've put up on this Web site. Send me an e-mail, if you are so inclined. I promise to answer.

Wanting To be free of desire, they say, is to be free. (12/20/2007)
To the Editor of The Sun Feelings that go beyond words (11/10/2007)
My Visit with the Director of Lawrence Radiation Lab An "advice call" that was way out of my depth. (12/13/1994)
Snoozing in my Chair A poem. What else can I say?  (10/8/2007)
Remembering that First Kiss . . .  and other delights of age.  (10/1/2007)
Plodding Down the Path, Seeking . . . What? Can a biological machine have free will?  (7/16/2007)
Read To Me A multi-media exploration of multi-media (7/4/2007)
Lost to the Clouds Dreams sometimes reveal us to ourselves. (5/19/2007)
Mammogram When "one thing leads to another" goes too far (5/17/2007)
I'm Old, Old, he said Learning the art of making acquaintances. (5/15/2007)
Tax Time Sometimes I think I'll never outgrow the classroom.  (3/6/2007)
Prosopagnosia It's called "Face-Blindness" and I have the next thing to it. (7/13/2006)
On Being Fully Alive Diane Ackerman continues to inspire me. (7/3/2006)
Rats A memoir about an incident that still intrigues me. (6/15/2006)
John Someone I met a long time ago, but never forgot. (8/10/ 2005)
If I Should Die before I Wake . . . A bedtime prayer my mother taught me, that I've learned all over again. (6/30/ 2005)
Theme Song Nostalgia The story of my life can be told in music. (6/9/ 2005)
Fight or Flight or . . . What? I've learned something about myself that I'm not comfortable with, but . . . (4/26/2005)
Minor Island A memoir of an early experience that gave me a better sense of myself. (7/21/2001)
Landings II and III Sentimental journeys, there and back, at 30,000 feet. (composed 2001, posted 4/16/2005)
The Sun on Me in the Morning There are some important things in my life, and this is one. (2/2/2005)
Missing Pieces Those little dreams and bits of dreams influence us all our lives (1/20/2005)
Living Simply What do I really Want from Life? (1/28/2005)
Voices The mind is a mysterious thing. (2/8/2003)
I Had a Brother, Once Blood doesn't always define relationships. (12/2/2004)
The Wild One Sometimes, it feels right to just let go. (3/11/1995)
Insurance All is impermanent, as The Buddha says. (10/22/2004)
The Cost of Health Care The cost/benefit dilemma that will continue to grow. (10/15/2004)
Popular Music Ain't What it Used to Be Sometimes it moves me, but the old show tunes stay in my head. (7/2/2004)
Sleeping Beauty My life seems full of mysteries--or is it just one?  (6/18/2004)
Full Moon Somethin' in the way she moves me . . . (4/9/2004)
Are We Connected? Humans are a rational species, but . . . (3/3/2004)
Concert for George Nostalgia for a more innocent age. (12/28/2003)
Zoë Moon The sculptor's gift from the gods. (12/28/2003)
An Opportunity to Feel Reading can't replace experience, but sometimes, when it's all I've got, . . . (12/28/2003)
Over the River and Through the Woods . . . Christmas will never be the way it was. (12/24/2003)
Saving Daylight The swing toward darkness portends bigger things for me. (10/24/2003)
Garage Sale Musing on all the "stuff" I accumulate.  (10/6/2003
Pushing On Rethinking some old habits (3/28/2003)
My Little Town My home town is in my head, and is keeping me from seeing what is. (3/14/2003)
Grasping When I want something more. (3/7/2003)
Memory "From out of the past . . ." (11/22/2002)
The West Wing or--"What is True?" Some thoughts about television and me (10/25/2002)
Everything is Impermanent Old memories never die, they just fade away (10/21/2002)
Muscles I didn't think I  needed them anymore, until . . . (9/5/2002)
Dawn What's so special about those soft moments of the day?  (written 7/6/ 2001, revised 6/ 14/ 2002)
Gaslight I can still hear the soft pop and then the hollow hiss of the streetlamp coming on in front of my grandmother’s house. . .  (6/6/2002)
Emotional Habits A family gathering reminded me of my loneliness (4/25/2002)
My Shadow, For Better or Worse No, not that dark spot on the sidewalk--the one inside me. (1/3/2002)
The Power of Eyes I guess I ain't dead yet--or safe from my own weaknesses. (12/13/2001)
The Irony of Being a Vegetarian Sometimes two related values don't work very well together. (12/7/2001)
She Blushed After attending a concert in Toledo (11/16/2001)
The Mouse in the Basement They keep appearing, and I keep thinking about them--and about me. (10/18/2001)
Passion The losses—and regrets—of aging. (8/19/2001)
Mind and Matter The question, "Who Am I?" keeps coming up. (4/12/2001)
"Do You Love God?" Important Questions — and Fear. (3/22/2001)
Writer's Lament Maybe it's just the time of year  (3/1/2001)
Releasing Dreams Urges to create seem to find their ways home (1/15/2001)
Relating to Cats and Dogs I'm intrigued by the difference (10/4/2000)
Free as a Bird It wasn't written recently, but I just rediscovered it, and it still has an impact on me. (3/31/2000)
Silk Scarf Some thoughts about realities. (11/4/99)
Alice at 21 I came across an old photo of my mother. (10/27/99)
Cookies and Milk At a sleepless 2:00 A.M., I was reading and was reminded of something from about 66 years ago. Read it, and maybe do some remembering of your own. (1/22/99)
There are a lot of animals in the mountains and I wrote about a few, and about a special kind of caretaker . . .  Click here to read about them (with photos). (2/1/99)


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