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Flying will always be a fantasy for me. As a boy, I dreamed I could fly, sometimes even without the benefit of an airplane. It was usually a frustrating dream, however. Somehow I could never quite do it right. In my waking life, I always look up when I hear a motor overhead, and follow the plane with my eyes the way some men turn and watch a woman walk by. (And yes, I've been known to do that too.) I took lessons for a brief time until I ran out of money. Light planes are my favorite. Jet airline flying is not real flying to me, although I'll admit to holding my breath the first few times on takeoff (the rotation of a jet when its wheels leave the runway is a different experience altogether from the feather-light lift into the air of a Cessna, when the sudden feeling of stillness announces that you're airborne!)

Essays (and other writings)

Small Things Actually, fiction that, while not mainly about airplanes, does include some flying situations  (5/16/2003)
Landings My first visit to a model airplane meet. (1994)
Zen and the Art of Aircraft Modeling The experience of model building. (January 15, 2000)
RC Airplanes When I'm not writing, I'm designing and building and flying radio-controlled models.   (1/26/2000)


My Models A few of those models I'm fond of or proud of.
Other Models Not my models, but photographs I've produced.
Glider Flight Picture story of a peak experience I had once. (March 14, 1998)
The Wreck of the U.S.S.Shenandoah I discovered some photos of this disaster in an old family album. (11/11/2001)