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Jack R. Gibb

Note: The Jack Gibb Website at has been shut down by the host system, and is temporarily unavailable. When we find a way to restore it on another host, we will revise this page with the new address. Sorry. Donskiff


One of the wonderful things about the Internet, and especially the Web, is that a lot of profound thinking is available to nearly everyone without one having to dig through dusty archives and libraries. "Out of print" is no longer such a frustrating response to get when looking for the work of an author you've suddenly discovered. At least, that's what this page and these links is all about.

Jack Gibb's seminal Book on Trust Level Theory is available for reading on the Web:

Trust: A New Vision of Human Relationships for Business, Education, Family, and Personal Living

Jack Gibb published, besides his book Trust, chapters in 26 professional books on management, organizational development, group dynamics, human potential, communications, and education, and hundreds of articles in professional journals on those subjects and on learning theory, therapy, and counseling. In the early 1980s, he was intensely involved in Astron and Omicron, both ideas that had developed from his work in Trust Level Theory (TORI). Three small books were growing from that effort, culled from voluminous collections of writings, some of which were distributed to groups he led.

After he died in 1994, we obtained computer disks containing the files of these three books from Diane Beakey, a close associate in his later years. We are grateful for Ms Beakey's permission to make them available through this medium. The Trilogy, as he called it, is available for reading on a Web site dedicated to Jack Gibb and his work. Also on that site is the text for his Trust book, second edition (1991). 

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The Jack Gibb Trilogy:

The Passionate Path

The Magic of Self Regulation

Touching the Universe

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