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As in the rest of this Web site, the hyperlink buttons at the top of the window represent pages on the same level as the present one. The list that follows is of pages that fall under this subject.

I first named this section "Miscellaneous." That doesn't mean of lesser importance to me. In this group of essays are some of the more intimate expressions of who I am and what I've been thinking (and feeling) recently. And I recognize that that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be more interesting to you. I can't judge that. You're on your own here, as in the rest of my site.

Some of these essays are "head material," meaning they deal with things I've been thinking about. Others are glimpses into my deeper stirrings. I didn't make the titles up to entice you, particularly. Those that seem whimsical, however, are titles of pieces that probably will strike you that way, themselves. (The limitations of space in the buttons themselves required me to shorten the titles here in some cases.)

I'm sincerely interested in your reactions to anything I've put up on this Web site. Send me an e-mail, if you are so inclined. I promise to answer.

Where Am I? The search for self continues, in spite of everything. (2/4/2008)
Richard Dawkins vs. Ken Wilber Confronting the seeming differences between the material and the mystic (2/4/2008)
Evolution and the Anthropic Principle Yes, the evolutionary events that are us are incredibly improbable. (1/30/3008)
Cheshire Cat Who we think we are isn't even half of it. (11/27/2007)
"I Could Have Been a Contender" Heroes and the American Dream (10/31/2008)
What I Wish I'd Said... The mysterious forces that make us write (10/27/2007)
Keeping Up With the World The myths we harbor that often aren't true (10/11/2007)
Naming the Unnamed We have words for many things, but a lot that goes on inside us remains unnamed. (10/11/2007)
Flight of the Phoenix, Redux Reason and logic may have their place, but . . .  (10/7/2007)
The Power of Fog At the limits of language, how do we continue?  (9/28/2007)
Principles in Art Rational Analysis goes only so far in telling us what a work of art really means (9/5/2007)
Spirit and Matter More about Ken Wilber and the materialists (8/9/2007)
The Enlightenment Conundrum Ken Wilber and the materialists, playing with my mind (8/2/2007)
On Believing Beliefs and Meta-beliefs and human nature (7/26/2007)
Broad Minded I don't like to feel I'm being put in a box (7/12/2007)
Copyright Inheritance Should Homer have protected his work?  (5/20/ 2007)
Layers The difficulty of trying to classify people (5/10/2007)
Patterns, by Paul Simon and Douglas Hofstadter Is there a me, or am "I" just a pattern?  (4/18/2007)
I Believe in Rainbows The Self, like the rainbow, may be an illusion (4/12/2007)
Whom Can We Believe? Is the whole world just somebody's opinion?  (4/1/2007)
A Long, Drawn-Out Solstice Musing on an astronomical curiosity (12/24/2006)
Beliefs - Part Two Some more thoughts about Sam Harris (10/14/2006)
The Quest for Certainty Certainty is an illusion, and its quest is sometimes counterproductive. (8/25/2006)
To the Ends of the Earth Boundaries that don't exist. (8/10/2006)
Astonishment It's about expectations and disappointments. (8/4/2006)
The Meaning of Life An ever-receding question. (7/27/2006)
We Hold These Truths... Powerful as it is for us, the Declaration of Independence is not the word of God. (6/14/2006)
Music and Language Maybe the Neanderthals sang instead of thinking. (5/30/2006)
Circular Thinking A musing about why we feel bad. (5/22/2006)
There Are Beliefs, and . . . Sam Harris's book has a near-fatal weakness. (5/4/2006)
Runaway World Thomas Friedman's new book, The World is Flat, gave me some things to think about (12/9/2005)
Deep Playmate Diane Ackerman has a good idea; I wish only that she had had a better editor. (11/10/2005)
An Alchemy of Telling Diane Ackerman at her best, and writing about the mind -- I loved it! (10/30/2005)
Habits We're stuck with having them, but we're not stuck with particular habits. (6/23/ 2005)
Cultural Genes We haven't left evolution behind, but the Big Game is now in our court. (5/26/ 2005)
The Joy of Science Fame and fortune may motivate scientific inquiry, but something else is often more important. (5/19/ 2005)
The Conundrum of Human Nature The nature-nurture issue, re-examined. Just because it's natural, does that make it right? (5/13/2005)
No, the Computer Isn't Smarter than I Am! A bit of advice from a computer mentor (5/9/2005)
A Rant on Religion About tolerance and truth (4/1/2005)
"The West Wing" Turning Right? It's only a television program, but there's something important about it, and maybe it's time for a change (3/24/2005)
The Geometry of Spring How come the winter sunrise doesn't change with the winter sunset? And other musings. (3/11/2005)
Music as Language I love music, but I don't always understand it. (3/3/2005)
What is Art? Just because somebody says it is art doesn't make it true--or false (1/31/2005)
Beauty and Spirit There's something more to beauty than entertainment. (1/3/2005)
You Don't Understand Us Osama bin Laden's attempt to influence the U.S. elections. (11/16/.2004)
The New God of Probability Statistics are taking the place of burning bushes (8/26/1994 - 11/11/2004)
The Cost of Health Care The cost/benefit dilemma that will continue to grow. (10/15/2004)
Gene Hackman as President? Fear seeks simple answers. (10/8/2004)
Being Lifted Out of the Ordinary or, "People who would be wonderful to know..." (9/9/2004)
The Head and the Heart I have always felt two kinds of pull at me, my intellectual curiosity and my emotional hunger for—something. (6/5/2004)
"Pay attention!" The words came to me as if they had been spoken aloud. But of course they weren't. (5/26/2004)
Music, Poetry and Meaning True meaning often comes to us, when it does, by a side door. (5/6/2004)
On Seeking Truth "Truth is not elusive," he says. But clarity is obscured by our own filters. (4/23/2004)
Perceptions and Reality Just because something feels true doesn't mean necessarily that it is. (4/2/2004)
The Marriage Bond Opposite Sex, Same Sex--isn't the commitment the important thing? (3/20/2004)
Taboo is a Right-Brain Activity Humans are a rational species, but . . . (3/3/2004)
Copyright versus Copyleft As a writer, I want to protect what's mine. As a citizen, sometimes, . . . (2/8/2004)
Who's In Control Here? Mostly, we are confident that we're in charge. Sometimes, however... (12/24/2003)
Analogue Words cannot be more than metaphors for real experiences--or people. (12/24/2003)
Commitment Much confusion--and heartache--surrounds this word. (11/12/2003)
Music for Non-Musicians Music, above just about everything, touches us beyond words. (11/6/2003)
Cycles of Transcendence The process of "transcend and include" is not just a spiritual event. (11/6/2003)
Prejudice It's not enough to be tolerant of other groups. (9/22/2003)
Ego and Self How is a sense of the self important--if the self is only an illusion? (7/31/2003)
The Big Picture How do we talk about transcendence? (7/3/2003)
Perspective The Good, the True, and the Beautiful--which is truly important? (6/12/2003)
Mindfulness as Larger Mind Intuition, wisdom--and even enlightenment--come from mindful living (6/4/2003)
Assignment A not-taken-very-seriously assignment in my writing group (5/2/2003)
The Power of Words In the best of relationships, sometimes words separate us (4/10/2003)
Meteors Falling stars and other objects. (2/6/2003)
State of the Union After hearing President Bush's 2003 address. (1/30/2003)
Click! It’s the mystery of emotions that give them such power over us. The mystery and the awe. (1/20/2003)
Conversations Right and wrong, ideals, and e-mail. (1/16/2003)
Intuition Some more poking around in "consciousness." (11/15/2002)
Out of My Mind Who's in charge here? Me?  (11/8/2002)
Boomeritis The Baby Boomers had their important insights. But they got stuck somewhere. (10/17/2002)
Family Thoughts We like to think we make the important decisions, but . . . (9/26/2002)
One Life What's one life, more or less? (8/29/2002)
Telling Stories It seems to be built into us, but sometimes things interfere.  (8/22/2002)
Small World "Six degrees of separation" between us and them. (7/18/2002)
Bigger Realities Some things, I may understand and deal with; others, well . . . (6/29/2002)
What Comes Next? I don't know where all my words come from, but I'm working on it. (6/20/2002)
Humor as a higher level of consciousness Does insight have to be so serious? (5/30/2002)
Sometimes, everything goes wrong, but before it goes . . . Bad breaks may not be the worst thing that can happen (4/21/2002)
Emotional Resonance If only I weren't so limited by words! (1/31/2002)
Extraordinary Respect I wrote this some time ago for another Web site, but it belongs here (2/10/2001)
Insight Meditation: 
Practice Makes Perfect
(Subtitled: A Nerd's Eye View) My current answer to "Why do you meditate? (11/20/2001)
Us—and Them September 11 inspired this one (9/28/2001)
Paradox and Paradigm The changing nature of reality (8/10/2001)
To Reach . . . About photography—and relationship (6/26/2001)
I Don't Understand I can't know everything about everything, of course. But sometimes . . . (June 9, 2001)
Don, the Romantic Music does it again. A memory. (written 5/6/99, revised 3/16/2001)
The Guy in the Blue Saab Another wondering about my own behavior (1/31/2001, written in May, 1995)
The Sound of Silence My love-hate relationship with it (12/13/2000)
Eating is an Intimate Act On choosing not to eat meat (11/28/2000)
Evolution of Spiritual Capacity What seems to be reason to hope, although we might not  (6/14/2000)
On Cloning and Other Experiments . . . Thoughts on what we ought to do. (4/19/2000)
Creativity and Psychic Phenomena A small "Aha!" while reading. (3/9/2000)
Magic in My Life A disquieting thought about my own growth--or lack of it. (3/1/2000)
My Difficulty with Aaron What "the spirit world" does for me--and doesn't. (1/23/2000)
Mindfulness and Mysticism Must there be a connection?  (5/21/99)
The Taste of Irony I wrote a kind of book review even before I had finished reading the book. It will be interesting to me to go back to this after I've read it all.    (1/12/99)
Levels of Consciousness Trying to understand the ideas of Ken Wilber (9/9/1998)
Music Appreciation Class I don't know what prompts a lot of my writing. I try not to let the impulse get away without my doing something about it. This  suddenly grew out of an experience I had. (1/14/99)


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