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Dreams of Home

Table of Contents


Part One: Early Attempts to Describe my Community Experience

Trust And Community
Messiah, Seeking Salvation (A story)

Part Two: Editorials from the Toronto TORI Community Newsletter Dear Friends . . .

The Dream
Community—The Infinite Game
T O R R I (?)
Valentine TORI
Let It Be a Dance
What Draws Us?
What Draws Us? A Survey
What Draws Us? Habits of the Hear
What Draws Us? Some Research
What Draws Us? More than Personal
David Goff Revisited
What Draws Us? Do We Need Theory
What Draws Us? Intimacy
What Draws Us? Who Speaks for Us?
What Draws Us? Virtual Community
What Draws Us? Two Communities
What Draws Us? Being Here
What Draws Us? Another Versio
What Draws Us? Activism
What Draws Us? Transcendence
What Draws Us? Being Connecte
What Draws Us? Meaning of Community

Part Three: My Essays on E-mail

Part Four: My Essays on the Web

Looking down through a hole in the clouds, . . .
Community and Love
Individualism and Community
Buddhism and Community
Keith Jarrett on Community
Community Building as Personal Growt
Community On-Line
I’m Into Something Important For Me . .
Community: Getting to that “We Are One” Feeling
Community, Feeling and Spirit
What Draws Us?
Communities—Religious and Otherwis
A Crisis in My Sense of Community
Community as an Emergent Consciousness
How Did I Get Here?
Community, Emptying and Mindfulnes
Another look at T.O.R.I.
Community and Insight Revisited
Bodily Sensations and “Community

The “Magic” in Community
Coping with the Magic: Community as a Jam Session
The Group Self
Robert Persig and Community Proces
Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: the Shift to Community
Resisting Community
Community Building as Personal Growth — Another Loo
A View of TORI Groups as Socio-Religious Communities
If There's Not Enough Time . . .
Dreams of Home (Part A)
Dreams of Home (Part B)


Appendix: In The Words of Jack Gibb