Dreams of Home
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Dreams of Home

by Donald Skiff
284 pages

This is a ten-year journal of essays about experiences with others that he calls "community," and about a parallel development of consciousness as the implications of the community experience begin to take shape in his mind.

The way we are, individually in our deepest selves, is reflected in how we are with others. The converse is also true: how we perceive our relationships with others ultimately reflects our relationship to the Universe. Stepping from the insights of Jack R. Gibb and M. Scott Peck on not only the techniques of community building but on the natural state of being with others in trust and openness, the author touches on the spiritual nature of true community—not the organization, nor the functional collection of people to accomplish some task, but the urge to experience intimacy.

About the cover: This is a view of our back yard in the dead of winter, through a frost-covered window. When I took the photograph, I saw only shades of gray, perhaps with a bluish-green cast. When the pictures came back from the lab, there was all this color, just as you see it.

It seems a metaphor for the richness I so often miss when I don't look closely enough—exactly what I'm trying to reveal in this book.     —ds

This is no "how to do it" book. It is a record of one person’s journey. Each of us sees the world and our relationships from a unique perspective, grown out of where we came from and what we dream about. It is, rather, a sharing of that individual vision that is both a part of what we humans have become so far and a sensing of where we might go.

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