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Confessions and Memoirs

A collection of personal essays by Donald Skiff
268 pages


This book is mostly about meómy life, my thoughts, my world. Some of it is fiction that Iíve written, but even those pieces are really about who I am even if they are put into other peopleís stories.

These pieces have been culled from my Web site, having been written over a period of twelve years. My more abstract observations are included in another book Iím compiling at the same time: Coffee Dreams. They all began as a single volume, but it got to be too big (600 pages) and it seemed to me to be too eclectic for any one reader.

This collection assumes that the reader knows me personally, and might forgive my dwelling on myself perhaps too much.

It starts where I started in life, or at least it starts with the person who gave me my start. The earliest pieces in the book were not necessarily written earliest but are about my earlier experiences. A lot of the rest are just my responses to my life. As I began one of these essays:

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ďI almost always write about me. Sometimes I think itís too egocentric, that I should look around more, think about others, the condition of the world, whatís beautiful and whatís ugly, and write about that, at least some of the time. The problem Iíve found with that is that it always comes out stilted, or judgmental, or naive. All I know is what goes on inside my head. No matter whatís happening out there, what filters into my awareness is mostly determined by the state of my mind. Itís presumptuous to think that I can speak of what others do, or what they are.Ē

The fictional stories that are sprinkled through this book ďjust happenedĒ at different times, perhaps inspired by events or dreams or conversations with others. I donít know why they turned into fiction instead of essays.

Donald Skiff Ė January 1, 2006