Book Reviews
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Book Reviews

In this section, I have written about particular books that have attracted my attention. They may not be what you'd expect from book reviews (good or bad). Some essays have been moved from other parts of this site, but the ones at the top of the list are the most recent.

On Being Fully Alive Diane Ackerman continues to inspire me. (7/3/2006)
There Are Beliefs, and . . . Sam Harris's book has a near-fatal weakness. (5/4/2006)
Runaway World Thomas Friedman's new book, The World is Flat, gave me some things to think about (12/9/2005)
Deep Playmate Diane Ackerman has a good idea; I wish only that she had had a better editor. (11/10/2005)
An Alchemy of Telling Diane Ackerman at her best, and writing about the mind -- I loved it! (10/30/2005)
"Boomeritis" Ken Wilber's new novel. Can one be born in 1929 and be a Baby Boomer? (10/17/2002)