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A Topic Tree

I write about whatever catches my interest. As a result, the essays on this web site range all over the map. I've separated them into several broad categories:

Ideas, etc. Personal Music Photography Flying Things


The two categories Ideas and Personal have accumulated a lot of essays, perhaps too many to browse. (In the previous iteration of this web site, there were rather large buttons at the top of each page, giving links to all the other essays in that category. One had to scroll down a long way just to find the beginning of the essay. By moving all those links to the left side and eliminating the buttons, I hope I've helped my reader begin reading much more easily.)

In addition, I have created this "Topic Tree" of the essays in those two categories, providing what I hope is a more useful tool for browsing a particular topic. Because many essays could easily be assigned to more than one topic, their links are repeated wherever they seem to fit. 

The major category pages list essays mostly in chronological order by date of posting, and give brief introductions to each topic. the "Up" link on each page takes you to the major category page. This page retains that chronological arrangement (more or less), with later essays at the top.. 

Each title is a link; click on it to go to that essay.

If, after selecting a topic from this (Topic Tree) page, you want to return to this page, use your Back button instead of the links list.

I'd welcome suggestions and comments about this page.

In the Ideas, etc. branch:

Philosophy     Psychology     Culture     Relationships     Politics     Art/Music
Richard Dawkins vs. Ken Wilber Evolution and the Anthropic Principle What I Wish I'd Said... A Long, Drawn-Out Solstice We Hold These Truths... Remembering that First Kiss
Naming the Unnamed Where Am I? Flight of the Phoenix, Redux Deep Playmate "The West Wing" Turning Right? On God Being in the Details
Principles in Art Cheshire Cat The Power of Fog An Alchemy of Telling The West Wing Telling Stories - 2
On Believing "I Could Have Been a Contender" Copyright Inheritance The Geometry of Spring Gene Hackman as President? Music and Language
Broad Minded Spirit and Matter Layers Being Lifted Out of the Ordinary State of the Union Music as Language
Patterns, by Paul Simon and Douglas Hofstadter The Enlightenment Conundrum Water? What Water? The Marriage Bond   What is Art?
Whom Can We Believe? Plodding Down the Path, Seeking . . . What? There Are Beliefs, and . . . The Power of Words   Beauty and Spirit
The Quest for Certainty Layers Beliefs - Part Two One Life   Music, Poetry and Meaning
To the Ends of the Earth I Believe in Rainbows Retro Small World   Copyright versus Copyleft
The Meaning of Life Astonishment Runaway World Extraordinary Respect   Concert for George
The Conundrum of Human Nature Circular Thinking The Joy of Science To Reach . . .   Music for Non-Musicians
A Rant on Religion Habits You Don't Understand Us The Sound of Silence   Music and Magic
Analogue Cultural Genes The New God of Probability     Beyond All That
Cycles of Transcendence No, the Computer Isn't Smarter than I Am! The Cost of Health Care     Theme Song Nostalgia
Prejudice The Head and the Heart Commitment     She Blushed
The Big Picture On Seeking Truth Conversations     Don, the Romantic
Perspective Perceptions and Reality Community as Surrender      
Mindfulness as Larger Mind Taboo is a Right-Brain Activity Usand Them      
Bigger Realities Who's In Control Here? On Cloning and Other Experiments . . .      
What Comes Next? Ego and Self Music Appreciation Class      
Humor as a higher level of consciousness Click!        
Sometimes, everything goes wrong, but before it goes . . . Intuition        
Insight Meditation: 
Practice Makes Perfect
Out of My Mind        
Paradox and Paradigm Family Thoughts        
I Don't Understand Telling Stories        
Eating is an Intimate Act Emotional Habits        
Evolution of Spiritual Capacity Emotional Resonance        
My Difficulty with Aaron Mind and Matter        
Mindfulness and Mysticism The Guy in the Blue Saab        
Levels of Consciousness Creativity and Psychic Phenomena        
The Taste of Irony Magic in My Life        

    In the Personal branch:

Memories     Confessions     Self-Discoveries Others in My Life   
Remembering that First Kiss Snoozing in my Chair Wanting I'm Old, Old, he said
My Visit with the Director of Lawrence Radiation Lab Lost to the Clouds To the Editor of The Sun On Being Fully Alive
Mammogram Tax Time Keeping Up With the World John
Rats Prosopagnosia Plodding Down the Path, Seeking . . . What? I Had a Brother, Once
Minor Island Fight or Flight or . . . What? Read To Me The Wild One
Landings II and III Voices If I Should Die before I Wake . . . Are We Connected?
Popular Music Ain't What it Used to Be Insurance Theme Song Nostalgia An Opportunity to Feel
Over the River and Through the Woods . . . Full Moon The Sun on Me in the Morning The Power of Eyes
Memory Garage Sale Missing Pieces The Irony of Being a Vegetarian
Everything is Impermanent Pushing On Living Simply The Mouse in the Basement
Dawn Muscles Sleeping Beauty "Do You Love God?"
Gaslight Passion "Pay attention!" Relating to Cats and Dogs
She Blushed Writer's Lament Zo Moon There are a lot of animals in the mountains
Alice at 21 Free as a Bird Saving Daylight  
  Silk Scarf My Little Town  
  Cookies and Milk My Shadow, For Better or Worse  
    Releasing Dreams  


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