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These articles are recent things I've added to this site, arranged with the most recent at the top. They are also listed in and linked from appropriate subject pages (the buttons at the top of this page).

Where Am I? ideas The search for self continues, in spite of everything. (2/4/2008)
Richard Dawkins vs. Ken Wilber ideas Confronting the seeming differences between the material and the mystic (2/4/2008)
Evolution and the Anthropic Principle ideas Yes, the evolutionary events that are us are incredibly improbable. (1/30/3008)
Wanting personal To be free of desire, they say, is to be free. (12/20/2007)
Cheshire Cat ideas Who we think we are isn't even half of it. (11/27/2007)
To the Editor of The Sun personal Feelings that go beyond words (11/10/2007)
"I Could Have Been a Contender" ideas Heroes and the American Dream (10/31/2008)
What I Wish I'd Said... ideas The mysterious forces that make us write (10/27/2007)
Keeping Up With the World ideas The myths we harbor that often aren't true (10/11/2007)
Naming the Unnamed ideas We have words for many things, but a lot that goes on inside us remains unnamed. (10/11/2007)
Snoozing in my Chair personal A poem. What else can I say?  (10/8/2007)
Flight of the Phoenix, Redux ideas Reason and logic may have their place, but . . .  (10/7/2007)
Remembering that First Kiss personal . . .  and other delights of age.  (10/1/2007)
The Power of Fog ideas At the limits of language, how do we continue?  (9/28/2007)
On God Being in the Details Music, Ideas Craftsmanship is inseparable from inspiration (9/13,2007)
Principles in Art ideas Rational Analysis goes only so far in telling us what a work of art really means (9/5/2007)
Spirit and Matter ideas More about Ken Wilber and the materialists (8/9/2007)
The Enlightenment Conundrum ideas Ken Wilber and the materialists, playing with my mind (8/2/2007)
On Believing ideas Beliefs and Meta-beliefs and human nature (7/26/2007)
My Visit with the Director of Lawrence Radiation Lab personal An "advice call" that was way out of my depth. (12/13/1994)
Plodding Down the Path, Seeking . . . What? personal Can a biological machine have free will?  (7/16/2007)
Read To Me personal A multi-media exploration of multi-media (7/4/2007)
Broad Minded ideas I don't like to feel I'm being put in a box (7/12/2007)
Flight 2200 fiction Jet Fatigue  (June 19, 2007)
Copyright Inheritance ideas Should Homer have protected his work?  (5/20/2007)
Lost to the Clouds personal Dreams sometimes reveal us to ourselves. (5/19/2007)
Mammogram personal When "one thing leads to another" goes too far (5/17/2007)
I'm Old, Old, he said personal Learning the art of making acquaintances. (5/15/2007)
Layers ideas The difficulty of trying to classify people (5/10/2007)
Patterns, by Paul Simon and Douglas Hofstadter ideas Is there a me, or am "I" just a pattern?  (4/18/2007)
I Believe in Rainbows ideas The Self, like the rainbow, may be an illusion (4/12/2007)  
Whom Can We Believe? ideas Is the whole world just somebody's opinion?  (4/1/2007)
Tax Time personal Sometimes I think I'll never outgrow the classroom.  (3/6/2007)
Water? What Water? ideas The more things change, the less we know of them.  (12/25/2006)
A Long, Drawn-Out Solstice ideas Musing on an astronomical curiosity (12/24.2006)
Telling Stories - 2 ideas My lesson in writing to be heard.  (12/14/2006)
Beliefs - Part Two ideas Some more thoughts about Sam Harris (10/14/2006)
Retro ideas  Fashions change--and sometimes return  (10/13/2006)
The Quest for Certainty ideas Certainty is an illusion, and its quest is sometimes counterproductive. (8/25/2006)
To the Ends of the Earth ideas Boundaries that don't exist. (8/10/2006)
Astonishment ideas It's about expectations and disappointments. (8/4/2006)
The Meaning of Life ideas An ever-receding question. (7/27/2006)
Prosopagnosia personal It's called "Face-Blindness" and I have the next thing to it. (7/13/2006)
On Being Fully Alive personal Diane Ackerman continues to inspire me. (7/3/2006)
Rats personal A memoir about an incident that still intrigues me. (6/15/2006)
We Hold These Truths... ideas Powerful as it is for us, the Declaration of Independence is not the word of God. (6/14/2006)
Music and Language ideas Maybe the Neanderthals sang instead of thinking. (5/30/2006)
Circular Thinking ideas A musing about why we feel bad. (5/22/2006)
There Are Beliefs, and . . . ideas Sam Harris's book has a near-fatal weakness. (5/4/2006)
Runaway World ideas Thomas Friedman's new book, The World is Flat, gave me some things to think about (12/9/2005)
Deep Playmate ideas Diane Ackerman has a good idea; I wish only that she had had a better editor. (11/10/2005)
An Alchemy of Telling ideas Diane Ackerman at her best, and writing about the mind -- I loved it! (10/30/2005)
John personal Someone I met a long time ago, but never forgot. (8/10/ 2005)
If I Should Die before I Wake . . . personal A bedtime prayer my mother taught me, that I've learned all over again. (6/30/ 2005)
Habits ideas We're stuck with having them, but we're not stuck with particular habits. (6/23/ 2005)
Theme Song Nostalgia personal The story of my life can be told in music. (6/9/ 2005)
Cultural Genes ideas We haven't left evolution behind, but the Big Game is now in our court. (5/26/ 2005)
The Joy of Science ideas Fame and fortune may motivate scientific inquiry, but something else is often more important. (5/19/ 2005)
The Conundrum of Human Nature Ideas The nature-nurture issue, re-examined. Just because it's natural, does that make it right? (5/13/2005)
No, the Computer Isn't Smarter than I Am! Ideas A bit of advice from a computer mentor (5/9/2005)
Fight or Flight or . . . What? personal I've learned something about myself that I'm not comfortable with, but . . . (4/26/2005)
Minor Island personal A memoir of an early experience that gave me a better sense of myself. (composed 7/21/2001, posted 4/20/2005 )
Landings II and III personal Sentimental journeys, there and back, at 30,000 feet. (composed 2001, posted 4/16/2005)
A Rant on Religion Ideas About tolerance and truth (4/1/2005)
"The West Wing" Turning Right? Ideas It's only a television program, but there's something important about it, and maybe it's time for a change (3/24/2005)
The Geometry of Spring Ideas How come the winter sunrise doesn't change with the winter sunset? And other musings. (3/11/2005)
Music as Language Music, Ideas I love music, but I don't always understand it. (3/3/2005)
The Sun on Me in the Morning personal There are some important things in my life, and this is one. (2/2/2005)
What is Art? Ideas Just because somebody says it is art doesn't make it true--or false (1/31/2005)
Missing Pieces personal Those little dreams and bits of dreams influence us all our lives (1/20/2005)
Beauty and Spirit Ideas There's something more to beauty than entertainment. (1/3/2005)
Living Simply personal What do I really Want from Life? (1/28/2005)
Voices personal The mind is a mysterious thing. (2/8/2003)
I Had a Brother, Once personal Blood doesn't always define relationships. (12/2/2004)
You Don't Understand Us ideas Osama bin Laden's attempt to influence the U.S. elections. (11/16/.2004)
The New God of Probability ideas Statistics are taking the place of burning bushes (8/26/1994 - 11/11/2004)
The Wild One Personal Sometimes, it feels right to just let go. (3/11/1995)
Insurance Personal All is impermanent, as The Buddha says. (10/22/2004)
The Cost of Health Care Personal The cost/benefit dilemma that will continue to grow. (10/15/2004)
Gene Hackman as President? Ideas Fear seeks simple answers. (10/8/2004)
Being Lifted Out of the Ordinary Ideas or, "People whom it would be wonderful to know..." (9/9/2004)
Popular Music Ain't What it Used to Be Music, Personal Sometimes it moves me, but the old show tunes stay in my head. (7/2/2004)
Sleeping Beauty Personal My life seems full of mysteries--or is it just one?  (6/18/2004)
Once or Twice Fiction A film/video script inspired by a haunting song (4/12/2000)
The Head and the Heart Ideas I have always felt two kinds of pull at me, my intellectual curiosity and my emotional hunger for—something. (6/5/2004)
"Pay attention!" Ideas The words came to me as if they had been spoken aloud. But of course they weren't. (5/26/2004)
Music, Poetry and Meaning Music, Ideas True meaning often comes to us, when it does, by a side door. (5/6/2004)
On Seeking Truth Ideas "Truth is not elusive," he says. But clarity is obscured by our own filters. (4/23/2004)
Full Moon Personal Somethin' in the way she moves me . . . (4/9/2004)
Perceptions and Reality Ideas Just because something feels true doesn't mean necessarily that it is. (4/2/2004)
The Marriage Bond Ideas Opposite Sex, Same Sex--isn't the commitment the important thing? (3/20/2004)
Taboo is a Right-Brain Activity Ideas Humans are a rational species, but . . . (3/3/2004)
Are We Connected? Personal Going from the general to the particular isn't always easy. (2/28/2004)
Copyright versus Copyleft Ideas, etc As a writer, I want to protect what's mine. As a citizen, sometimes, . . . (2/8/2004)
Manual Focusing with the Nikon CP5700 Photography It's not as intuitive as it might be -- here's some help. (1/14/2004)
Concert for George Music, Personal Nostalgia for a more innocent age. (12/28/2003)
Zoë Moon Personal The sculptor's gift from the gods. (12/28/2003)
An Opportunity to Feel Personal Reading can't replace experience, but sometimes, when it's all I've got, . . . (12/28/2003)
Who's In Control Here? Ideas, etc Mostly, we are confident that we're in charge. Sometimes, however... (12/24/2003)
Analogue Ideas, etc Words cannot be more than metaphors for real experiences--or people. (12/24/2003)
Over the River and Through the Woods . . . Personal Christmas will never be the way it was. (12/24/2003)
Commitment Ideas, etc Much confusion--and heartache--surrounds this word. (11/12/2003)
Music for Non-Musicians Music, Ideas Music, above just about everything, touches us beyond words. (11/6/2003)
Cycles of Transcendence Ideas, etc. The process of "transcend and include" is not just a spiritual event. (11/6/2003)
Saving Daylight Personal The swing toward darkness portends bigger things for me. (10/24/2003)
Garage Sale Personal Musing on all the "stuff" I accumulate.  (10/6/2003
Prejudice Ideas, etc. It's not enough to be tolerant of other groups. (9/22/2003)
Ego and Self Ideas, etc. How is a sense of the self important--if the self is only an illusion? (7/31/2003)
The Big Picture Ideas, etc. How do we talk about transcendence? (7/3/2003)
Perspective Ideas, etc. The Good, the True, and the Beautiful--which is truly important? (6/12/2003)
Mindfulness as Larger Mind Ideas, etc. Intuition, wisdom--and even enlightenment--come from mindful living (6/4/2003)
Small Things Fiction Small things that enable large things to happen (6/4/2003)
Assignment Ideas, etc. A not-taken-very-seriously assignment in my writing group (5/2/2003)
Gimme That Ole Time Photography Photography Struggling with nostalgia, excellence and anticipation (4/25/2003)
Left Turn Fiction One of those everyday experiences (4/18/2003)
The Power of Words Ideas, etc. In the best of relationships, sometimes words separate us (4/10/2003)
Pushing On Personal Rethinking some old habits (3/28/2003)
My Little Town Personal My home town is in my head, and is keeping me from seeing what is. (3/14/2003)
Grasping Personal When I want something more. (3/7/2003)
That . . . Sense of History Fiction A story about an encounter with the past (2/15/2003)
Meteors Ideas, etc. Falling stars and other objects. (2/6/2003)
State of the Union Ideas, etc. After hearing President Bush's 2003 address. (1/30/2003)
Click! Ideas, etc. It’s the mystery of emotions that give them such power over us. The mystery and the awe. (1/20/2003)
Conversations Ideas, etc. Right and wrong, ideals, and e-mail. (1/16/2003)
Innocence Films Paul Cox's Australian film from 2000 (10/17/2002)
Memory Personal "From out of the past . . ." (11/22/2002)
Intuition Ideas, etc. Some more poking around in "consciousness." (11/15/2002
Out of My Mind Ideas, etc. Who's in charge here? Me?  (11/8/2002)
The West Wing Personal or--"What is True?" Some thoughts about television and me (10/25/2002)
Everything is Impermanent Personal Old memories never die, they just fade away (10/21/2002)
Boomeritis Books About Ken Wilber's new novel. Can one be born in 1929 and be a Baby Boomer? (10/17/2002)
Music and Magic Music Sometimes, music transforms experience (10/8/2002)
Family Thoughts Ideas, etc. We like to think that we make the important decisions, but . . . (9/26/2002)
Community as Surrender Community The paths of growth take similar directions (9/19/2002)
Muscles Personal I didn't think I needed them anymore, until . . . (9/5/2002)
One Life Ideas, etc. What's one life, more or less? (8/29/2002)
Telling Stories Ideas, etc. It seems to be built into us, but sometimes things interfere.  (8/22/2002)
Small World Ideas, etc. "Six degrees of separation" between us and them. (7/18/2002)
Bigger Realities Ideas, etc. Some things, I may understand and deal with; others, well . . . (6/29/2002)
What Comes Next? Ideas, etc. I don't know where all my words come from, but I'm working on it. (6/20/2002)
Dawn Personal What's so special about those soft moments of the day?  (written 7/6/ 2001, revised 6/ 14/ 2002)
Gaslight Personal I can still hear the soft pop and then the hollow hiss of the streetlamp coming on in front of my grandmother’s house. . .  (6/6/2002)
Humor as a higher level of consciousness Ideas, etc. Does insight have to be so serious? (5/30/2002)
Getting the Redeye Out Photography A trick using Photoshop to fix up digital photographs (5/17/2002)
Emotional Habits Personal A family gathering reminded me of my loneliness (4/25/2002)
Sometimes, everything goes wrong, but before it goes . . . Ideas, etc. Bad breaks may not be the worst thing that can happen (4/21/2002)
Beyond All That Music When Harry James doesn't do it for me anymore (2/27/2002)
Cohousing - Community in Action Community A relatively new form of intentional community (2/12/2002)
Emotional Resonance Ideas, etc. If only I weren't so limited by words! (1/31/2002)
Extraordinary Respect Ideas, etc. I wrote this some time ago for another Web site, but it belongs here (2/10/2001)
My Shadow, For Better or Worse Personal No, not that dark spot on the sidewalk--the one inside me. (1/3/2002)
The Power of Eyes Personal I guess I ain't dead yet--or safe from my own weaknesses. (12/13/2001)
The Irony of Being a Vegetarian Personal Sometimes two related values don't work very well together. (12/7/2001)
Insight Meditation: 
Practice Makes Perfect
Ideas, etc. (Subtitled: A Nerd's Eye View) My current answer to "Why do you meditate? (11/20/2001)
She Blushed Personal After attending a concert in Toledo (11/16/2001)
The Wreck of the U.S.S.Shenandoah Flying Things I discovered some photos of this disaster in an old family album. (11/11/2001)
The Mouse in the Basement Personal They keep appearing, and I keep thinking about them--and about me. (10/18/2001)
Us—and Them Ideas, etc. September 11 inspired this one (9/28/2001)
Passion Personal The losses—and regrets—of aging. (8/19/2001)
Paradox and Paradigm Ideas, etc. The changing nature of reality (8/10/2001)
To Reach . . . Ideas, etc. About photography—and relationship (6/26/2001)
I Don't Understand Ideas, etc. I can't know everything about everything, of course. But sometimes . . . (June 9, 2001)
Mind and Matter Personal The question, "Who Am I?" keeps coming up. (4/12/2001)
"Do You Love God?" Personal Important Questions — and Fear. (3/22/2001)
Don, the Romantic Ideas, etc. Music does it again. A memory. (written 5/6/99, revised 3/16/2001)
Writer's Lament Personal Maybe it's just the time of year  (3/1/2001)
The Guy in the Blue Saab Ideas, etc. Another wondering about my own behavior (1/31/2001, written in May, 1995)
Releasing Dreams Personal Urges to create seem to find their ways home (1/15/2001)
The Sound of Silence Ideas, etc. My love-hate relationship with it (12/13/2000)
Eating is an Intimate Act Ideas, etc. On choosing not to eat meat (11/28/2000)
Relating to Cats and Dogs Personal I'm intrigued by the difference (10/4/2000)
Evolution of Spiritual Capacity Ideas, etc. What seems to be reason to hope, although we might not  (6/14/2000)
Dreams of Home A little bit about a book just finished (6/5/2000)
On Cloning and Other Experiments . . . Ideas, etc. Thoughts on what we ought to do. (4/19/2000)
Free as a Bird Personal It wasn't written recently, but I just rediscovered it, and it still has an impact on me. (3/31/2000)
Creativity and Psychic Phenomena Ideas, etc. A small "Aha!" while reading. (3/9/2000)
Jack R. Gibb Community Three small books Gibb wrote but hadn't published at his death, and his big one. (3/5/2000)
Magic in My Life Ideas, etc. A disquieting thought about my own growth--or lack of it. (3/1/2000)
My Difficulty with Aaron Ideas, etc. What "the spirit world" does for me--and doesn't. (1/23/2000)
Silk Scarf Personal Some thoughts about realities. (11/4/99)
Alice at 21 Personal I came across an old photo of my mother. (10/27/99)
Mindfulness and Mysticism Ideas, etc. Must there be a connection?  (5/21/99)
Levels of Consciousness Ideas, etc. Trying to understand the ideas of Ken Wilber (9/9/1998)
Cookies and Milk Personal At a sleepless 2:00 A.M., I was reading and was reminded of something from about 66 years ago. Read it, and maybe do some remembering of your own. (1/22/99)
The Taste of Irony Ideas, etc. I wrote a kind of book review even before I had finished reading the book. It will be interesting to me to go back to this after I've read it all.    (1/12/99)
Music Appreciation Class Ideas, etc. I don't know what prompts a lot of my writing. I try not to let the impulse get away without my doing something about it. This  suddenly grew out of an experience I had. (1/14/99)
There are a lot of animals in the mountains Personal and I wrote about a few, and about a special kind of caretaker . . .  Click here to read about them (with photos). (2/1/99)


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