Meet Heather & Steve's girls
Elise and
Maya Isabelle

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CIMG1228-Madison Maya june 2006-1.jpg (78067 bytes) Madison and Maya, June 2006

Both growing wonderfully!

CIMG0807.jpg (62374 bytes) Madison and her mom and baby sister Maya Isabelle Downing!. 
Maya 040206-crop.jpg (214932 bytes) Maya was born 11:02 am 4/1/06 and weighing 8 lbs 12 ounces, she was 21 inches long.

Here with her Gramma Shirley

Madison Christmas 2005.jpg (127411 bytes) Can't you hear me? I said, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Madison on Motorcycle 11-05.jpg (70043 bytes) It won't be long, now, before I can reach the pedals -- and then, WATCH OUT!
Steve and Madison on Carousel 11-05.jpg (344248 bytes) Here's my dad and me on the carousel
Madison with Hula-hoop 11-05.jpg (155962 bytes) My Gramma used to play with these things. I should be able to figure it out!
Madison as Tinker Bell-2 9-05-600.jpg (111426 bytes) Seriously, am I not truly something?
Madison as Tinker Bell-600.jpg (123622 bytes) My Tinker-Bell costume, ready for Halloween already.
Madison in water 9-05 600.jpg (115984 bytes) I'm three years old, and I'm having fun!
MadisonChloeonhorse025.jpg (303268 bytes) Here it is September 2004 and I'm horseback riding with my cousin Chloe!
Madison Christmas 2003.jpg (264723 bytes) Here it is Christmas, already! Happy Holidays, everyone!
Heather and Madison 10-03 640.jpg (324059 bytes) Here's my mom and me again, along about October, 2003
Madison Aug 29-1-640.jpg (89771 bytes) And here I am at 1 year old!
Zoe Madison Jen at computer 640.jpg (350520 bytes) My cousin Zoe and my aunt Jen teaching me about computers.
Heather Jen Madison 5-2003.jpg (258299 bytes) Here's my mom, and my aunt Jen holding me.
Madison and Shirley 3-14-03-640.jpg (275794 bytes) Here I am again with my Gramma. Getting bigger every day!
Madison in Willies sweater 640.jpg (277002 bytes) My Great-great aunt Willie made this sweater for me. Isn't it beautiful?
Heather and Maddie 640.jpg (294884 bytes) Here's my mom and me.
Madison on yellow blanket 640.jpg (246375 bytes) I left that cookie somewhere. I bet it's over there.
Heather Shirley and Madison 12-02-640.jpg (368315 bytes) And here's us with my gramma, too!
Heather Steve Madison 12-02.jpg (286834 bytes) From all of us, have a happy holiday season!
101702Madison.jpg (275769 bytes) At seven weeks old, I already have a pet sheep.
Steve and Madison2.jpg (219281 bytes) With my dad, ready to ride!
Madison2.jpg (422868 bytes) About a month later, I'm THIS BIG!
Madison and Heather 3.jpg (212176 bytes) And relaxing at home.
Madison and Heather 2.jpg (205895 bytes) Almost ready to go home!
Madison and Heather 1.jpg (227108 bytes) Here I am with my mother, still in the hospital.
Madison This is how I started out! 
I was born 08/28/2002

at 1:15 am.
I was 20.5 inches long
and weighed 8lbs, 11oz