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How to Order Books by Donald Skiff

Printed copies of Coffee Dreams, Confessions and Memoirs, Where Never Lark, Kicking Through the Leaves and Dreams of Home are available from the author. Send me an e-mail at, with your name and mailing address and how many of which books you want. I'll respond with shipping charges and estimated delivery. If you can use PayPal, it will be easier for us both. I'll accept checks and money orders, but I am not equipped to handle charge cards.

Coffee Dreams  368 pages  US$15.00
Confessions and Memoirs 268 pages US$14.00
Where Never Lark 90 pages  US$8.00
Dreams of Home 282 pages US$14.00
Kicking Through the Leaves 200 pages US$12.00

An electronic copy of Dreams of Home is available here, either in PDF format, viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or in LIT format, viewable with Microsoft Reader. The price is US$10.

 The Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe. Dreams is formatted to be readable on a full screen. If your monitor displays 800 by 600 pixels or more, you can view two pages at one time. (In the Acrobat Reader, select the View menu, and then select Continuous Facing Pages.) Use the arrow buttons to page through the book, or enter a page number at the bottom of the window to jump to that page. The table of contents shows the page numbers of all articles.

Microsoft Reader is available free from the Microsoft Web site. (Dreams for the Reader is a much smaller file size, if that's important to you.)  In this version, the table of contents does not have page numbers, but each item links directly to the respective essay.

To purchase an electronic copy, simply click below and download the file to your computer. When the download is complete, send me an e-mail telling me which file you have. Then send me your payment. When printed copies of the book are available, I will notify you by e-mail. You can order a printed copy directly from me and deduct the price of the electronic copy.

I decided to offer the book this way, without any "safeguards" against theft, because after all, it's a book about trust.

NOTE--In tests of this page, Netscape did not properly download the MS Reader version. Internet Explorer did, however, launching the Reader and asking if the file was to be added to the Library. I have found a way around the Netscape problem. Click here to see special instructions for Netscape browsers. --ds

 Click logo to get a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

To download a copy of Dreams of Home in Acrobat PDF format, click here.

Click logo to go to the page. 
Then search for Reader.

To download a copy of Dreams of Home in Microsoft LIT format, click here.

To tell me about it by e-mail, click here.