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As in the rest of this Web site, the hyperlink buttons at the top of the window represent pages on the same level as the present one. The list that follows is of pages that fall under this subject.

I don't write much fiction, as you can see from the following list. One of these pieces is also listed under Music, and it's been on the site a long time.

I'm sincerely interested in your reactions to anything I've put up on this Web site. Send me an e-mail, if you are so inclined. I promise to answer.

Flight 2200 Jet Fatigue  (June 19, 2007)
Once or Twice A film/video script inspired by a haunting song (4/12/2000)
Small Things Small things that enable large things to happen (6/4/2003)
Left Turn One of those everyday experiences (4/18/2003)
That . . . Sense of History A story about an encounter with the past (2/15/2003)
Quest A fictional discovery of some remarkable relationships in music.


This page updated October 22, 2007