Dorrion's and Charles's Page

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DSC_3104-640.jpg (183080 bytes) Charles IV poses for his Great Grandma Judy
Dorrion and Charles 10-05.jpg (315836 bytes) Dorrion and Charles IV in October, 2005
Don and Charles4 4-9-2005-640.jpg (97085 bytes) Charles IV with his great grandpa Don.
Charles4 and Stephanie 4-9-2005-2-640.jpg (90444 bytes) Charles IV makes his appearance! Born April 8, 2005.
Don Charles Stephanie Dorrion 2-05-640.jpg (60411 bytes) Dorrion with his great-grandpa Don, his dad Charles and his mom Stephanie in March, 2005
Dorrion Williams Xmas 2004.jpg (24305 bytes) Dorrion on Christmas, 2004
Dorrion 072303-3a copy.jpg (15634 bytes) Here I am at almost three!
Dorrion and cat.jpg (33453 bytes) Here I am with my playmate, ______
Dorrion in robe.jpg (16555 bytes) I'm nobody to mess with!
Dorrions bad hair day.jpg (28511 bytes) Sometimes my mom has to comb my hair out.
Dorrion 3-21-02-3 640.jpg (23762 bytes) My mom and me, again.
Dorrion and Wendi grad 600.jpg (25624 bytes) Here I'm checking out my Aunt Wendi at her graduation in 2001.
Stephanie and Dorrion.jpg (23930 bytes) This is my mom and me when I was about 1 1/2 years old
dvstill Judith & Dorrion 1.jpg (21747 bytes) Here I am with my great-grandma Judith.
Steph and Baby5a.jpg (17431 bytes) Dorrion at one day old! Born October 10, 2000