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On Community

I wrote a lot of essays, over the past decade, out of my preoccupation with the mystery of "community," that force that goes beyond utility, that draws us together just because we are human. Many of them were posted here. Recently, I decided to collect them into a book. It's called Dreams of Home, for that is how I felt about community and my yearning for it. A PDF-format copy of it and one formatted for the Microsoft Reader are available on this site, and printed copies will be available soon.  Go to a description of the book.

As I write other essays on community in the future, I'll post them here.

Community as Surrender The paths of growth take similar directions (9/19/2002)
Cohousing - Community in Action A relatively new form of intentional community (2/12/2002)
Extraordinary Respect I wrote this some time ago for another Web site, but it belongs here (2/10/2001)
Us—and Them September 11 inspired this one (9/28/2001)

Jack R. Gibb

Mentioned often in these essays, Jack Gibb provided a theoretical foundation for my journey into community. We are fortunate to have obtained the manuscript files of his seminal book Trust and his last three books, intended to be published as a single-volume trilogy. Click here to read more.