Chloe and Zoe's Page

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Here we are on Grandma's back deck with our favorite animals.
Zoe having tea with Grandma, October 2004
Zoe_School_2003-640.jpg (288882 bytes) This is Zoe, in kindergarden school picture, 2003
Chloe_School_2003-640.jpg (302185 bytes) Chloe in her second school picture, 2003
Chloe_school_2002-640.jpg (317033 bytes) Here's Chloe, in her first school picture, 2002
Zoe and Chloe 3 22 02.jpg (296850 bytes) This is us in March, 2002. While we've grown a lot since then, it's a good likeness as we used to be.
Dressups 1.jpg (355140 bytes) Dressups! How do we look?
Chloe Zoe Blossoms.jpg (297997 bytes) Ah, spring!
Chloe and Zoe sleeping.jpg (236969 bytes) Well, everybody has to sleep sometime.
Chloe Zoe Wilma Dog 4-2003-1.jpg (282452 bytes) Here we are with our Great-Aunt Wilma and her dog Lady, having a good laugh.
Chloe at beach 2003.jpg (578265 bytes) It's me, Chloe, enjoying the sun but wondering how cold the water is this early in the season.
Zoe Madison Jen at computer 640.jpg (350520 bytes) I'm Zoe, operating the computer mouse, with my mom and my little cousin Madison.