About Music
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About Music

On God Being in the Details Craftsmanship is inseparable from inspiration (9/13,2007)
Music as Language I love music, but I don't always understand it. (3/3/2005)
Popular Music Ain't What it Used to Be Sometimes it moves me, but the old show tunes stay in my head. (7/2/2004)
Music, Poetry and Meaning True meaning often comes to us, when it does, by a side door. (5/6/2004)
Concert for George Nostalgia for a more innocent age. (12/28/2003)
Music for Non-Musicians Music, above just about everything, touches us beyond words. (11/6/2003)
Music and Magic Sometimes music transforms experience.
Don, the Romantic Music does it again. A memory. (written 5/6/99, revised 3/16/2001)
She Blushed After attending a concert in Toledo (11/16/2001)
Beyond All That When Harry James doesn't do it for me anymore.
Music and My Soul Some thoughts about my experience of it.
The Language A personal exploration of the physics of music.
An Addition to "The Language" Some notes added much after the fact.
Quest A fictional discovery of the above (more technical) article. (story in progress)